Sankofa Cyber Lower School

Message from Mama Toni

Hotep to the Mighty Scholars of Sankofa Freedom Academy Lower School,

Welcome to Sankofa Cyber School.  Please make sure to attend Morning Circle with Baba Mark and answer the magic question with the word of the day. You can find the link to Morning Circle below. Use the "Student Daily Attendance" link to record your daily attendance and answer the morning circle magic question of the day. 

Now you are ready for instruction.  You will access your lessons by going to your teacher’s page (click classrooms at the top navigation, elementary classes, and then your teacher’s name).  Once you get to your teacher’s page, look for liberation work or cyber school assignments page and click on it.  There you will find your daily schedule and assignments for the day.  To submit work, take a screenshot of your completed assignments and email them to your teachers using one of the email addresses listed below based on your grade level:


Stay happy, healthy, and safe.  I hope to see you all very soon,

Mama Toni


This week for Cultural Arts classes please go to Sis. Dasha's webpage and click on "Cyber Liberation Work" where you will find a message from Sis. Dasha and assignments for art.  Then click on "Useful Links" to find yoga and drawing videos.

Morning Circle Video

Morning Circle - 03/27/2020