Cyber Liberation Work

Welcome to Cyber School for the week of June 1-5,2020:) Monday 1,2020 Literacy
Group 1&2
Write a sentence for each word.
Group 3
Write words 5x's each

Social Studies- All groups
Watch: How to Mail a Letter/Post Office Field Trip and answer questions:
1. Where do you go to mail a letter?
2. If you put your mail in the mailbox, what do you need on the envelop?
3. Where does the stamp go?
4, Why does it cost money to mail a letter?
5. What is a letter carrier?
6, What color does the mailman/woman wear?
Wednesday 3,2020
9:00 Morning story with Baba Mark
Make sure you answer his question of the day
9:30 Literacy with Sister Monique Group 1&2 Write words in ABC Order
Group 3 Write vowels in red and consonant in blue
Social Studies with Sister Monique all groups
Answer questions:
1. When did the Postal Service start?
2. Who was the 1st Postmaster General in Philadelphia?
3. How was the mail delivered during that time?
4, How many post offices in the US?
5. When did stamps start in the US?
Spend 30 minuets on Lexia Friday May 5, 2020
Morning Circle with Baba Mark
Make sure to answer the questions
Literacy with Sister Monique
Group 1&2
Unscramble words
Group 3
Write words on individual sheets of paper. Cut the words up by letter like a puzzle. Put words together and spell them. Have fun with your puzzle.
Social Studies with Sister Monique - All Groups Watch: A Letter To Amy
 Spend 30 minuets on Lexia Take a picture of your work and send it to my email @ or text it to me by 4pm that same day.