4A - Toni Winston

Hello from...

Mama Toni

Welcome to Sankofa's Cyber Program.  Here is where you will find announcements and specific directions or instructions to follow while we remain out of school.  I hope you are staying safe and staying active.  Please remember to attend morning circle with Baba Mark, answer the magic question with the word of the day, and complete your assignments.  

Lastly, under "Useful Links" you will find copies of all handouts and worksheets, including chapters 17-23 of "A Thousand Never Evers".  I miss you all...

Liberation Work

Log into your espark account and complete 30 minutes of practice each evening as listed below:  https://student.esparklearning.com/student/login

3/23 – Math

3/24 – Reading

3/25 – Math

3/26 – Reading

3/27 – Math


3/25/20 - I would like to recognize Logan Morris, Zareb Carter, Zuri Green, Dawson Hunter, Dmayne Austin and Ramiya Jamison for receiving high fives on espark.

3/24/20 - I would like to recognize Khadeeja Khan and Dmayne Austin for reaching out to check on me.

3/23/20 - I would like to recognize Zuri, Dawson, Dennis, Dmayne and London for turning in their completed assignments.

3/20/20 - I would like to recognize Dmayne, Dawson, Dennis and London for turning in their completed assignments for Wednesday and Thursday.