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Mama Pat


Greetings wonderful parents/guardians of the students of the Kongo Nation. My name is Mama Pat Morales and it is my pleasure to be your child's facilitator this year. I am a veteran teacher of 20 years. I have a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, an ESL specialist certification and my level II certification. There are many fun and exciting events planned for this year. Over the years, I’ve grown to have very strong relationships and a good rapport with the students and their families. I am a very nurturing, but firm teacher. I believe that having a partnership with the families of my students, is a major factor to their success in the classroom.
      Throughout the year, within Social Studies, we will focus on healthy lifestyles and ways to sustain the lives of our family, but especially our elders. For our SBA to HEKA focus, the students will examine how they can impact society in a positive way, by being the best family member they can be. 
     I am hopeful for much success this year for all of my students, and looking forward to watching all of them grow as intellectuals and individuals.


Mama Pat