Attendance Policy


Lower School : GRADE K – 4    8:15 am - 3:45 pm
Middle School: GRADES 5-8     8:15 am- 3:45 pm
High School: GRADES 9-12       8:20 am- 4:08 pm



Parents should call the school office to notify us that their child will be absent from school due to illness.  If you call before 7:45 AM, please leave a message.  In order for an absence to be excused, scholars must have a brief, written note from a parent or guardian. Families are asked not to schedule vacations during the school year.  Scholars absence due to vacation during the school year will be coded parental neglect.  If this kind of absence persist beyond a week, the absence will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


 If a parent or guardian does not submit a note explaining the absence, the absence is un-excused. Absences of this nature must be report to the School District office for truancy and reported to Child Welfare (Philadelphia Department of Human Services).



 Scholars are expected to be in the school for morning Circle by 8:15 AM.  In order to be excused, scholars must have a written note from a parent or guardian, except in the case of the school bus being late (all bus tardiness is excused and a note is not required).  If more than 3 hours of school (but not the full day) are missed, it is considered a ½ day absence. 


All tardiness unaccompanied by a note from the parent or guardian, other than the bus being late, is un-excused.


For the safety of all the children we require that parents stop by the office if they are picking up a child before 3:45 PM. Please send a note or call in advance so that the teacher may make the necessary arrangements for your child to be dismissed early.  We will need parental permission to release a child to someone other than a parent or legal guardian.  The person picking up your child must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid form of identification to the main office. Please limit early dismissals to necessary medical or dental appointments or other urgent matters.  This ensures that each child receives a full day of quality instruction.  


An Extended Day Program sponsored by our community partner Frankford Neighborhood Center is available at Sankofa Freedom Academy afternoons, from 3:45 to 6:00 PM.  

You may register your child for the EDP or you may use the service on an occasional basis.  To use the service on an occasional basis you must contact the Director of Family Services, Sis. Kelli Sparrow.


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that schools receive a written excuse from the parent or guardian when a scholar is absent from school.  Please bring a written excuse to the teacher upon return to the school following an absence.

Please note the following with regards to chronic lateness or absenteeism:

  • The school will place a scholar who is absent 5 days or displays a pattern of multiple absences under an attendance contract. This contract will indicate to the parent and scholar that he/she is in danger of receiving no credit for the class and/or is in jeopardy or being dropped from roll.
  • The school will place a scholar who is late 15 times or displays a pattern of frequent
  • Scholars who incur ten consecutive unexcused absences will be in jeopardy of being dropped from roll and a report will be filed with the proper authorities.

Updated: SY 2019-2020