Peace & Blessings from Dr. Mama:

Sankofa Cyber Update Spring Break Announcement!

March 24, 2020

Hotep Family:

I hope everyone is doing all that they can to stay safe, hopeful, and positive.  Starting last week Sankofa Freedom Academy put together pencil and paper packets as well as a cyber program for all of its families.  We also made sure that our support staff reached out to families based on student participation. It has been absolutely amazing how many students, parents, and Sankofa staff members have been reaching out to one another and connecting to one another.  Approximately 80% of our children have participated in some aspect of our educational effort. We thank all of you so very much and we are so proud of our Sankofa family. In fact, we think we all deserve our upcoming Spring break.

Therefore, we want to announce that Sankofa Freedom Academy will officially start its spring break on  March 30 and will continue spring break until April 14During Spring break neither formal classes nor assignments will be given.  We ask that you encourage your children to turn in all assignments from the past two weeks by Friday, March 27 before the start of our spring break.  Remember, if your scholar is unable to do this, do not fret.  He or she will not be penalized. We have meant this as an opportunity, not a burden.  During Spring break, we will have the opportunity to deep clean our entire building and will know more definitely what the state of Pennsylvania will actually do.  We also will be looking for more resources to increase the number of families who have internet access and computer devices.

Please know that Sankofa is its own school district and has the authority to set its own calendar.  It cannot however open its school building until the state actually gives the order for all schools to reopen.  We hope that during school break your children will still enjoy some of the programs that they have been working on including Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, Espark, Math IXL, and Study Island.  We hope that your children will continue to read, exercise, and explore the science that is all around them. We want to thank our instructional staff, support staff, deans – Baba Mark, Bro. Darrius, and Dr. Baba Maat for those fabulous morning circles.  Special thanks to our Director of Technology, Bro. Elisha Tigah for being our Wizard, behind the scenes keeping our cyber efforts going. Please know that it is our intention to be back in touch with all of our parents before April 14 to let you know about next steps.  In the meantime, be safe, practice social distancing, and please be patient with our scholars. We are sending you light, love, and wellness as we continue in these challenging times.

Dr. Ayesha Imani (Dr. Mama), Founder/Head of School

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