Welcome to the Nyumba Ya Ushindi Mkali (Ashanti Resource Room)

                                        Learning expands great souls
                                                Namibian Proverb

Kuwakaribisha (Welcome) Scholars and Families,

     Welcome to the Nyumba Ya Ushindi Mkali, or the House of Fierce Victory!  I am Sis. Tawana, affectionately known as Shujaa (The Warrior).  The Nyumba Ya Ushindi Mkali is also known as Ashanti's Resource Room.  We are identifying with the archetype of the Warrior and Fierce Victory to link our students to the concept of persevering triumphantly, in spite of any limitations one may have.   We channel the determination and tenacity of our ancestors and collectively discover that with diligent effort and the appropriate supports, we can make significant social, emotional, and academic success to achieve Ushindi Mkali (Fierce Victory).
     Scholars will find helpful resources here.  All liberation work will be posted here weekly.  Also, you will find additional websites which will provide more opportunities for additional practice.