Mama Nikki Grade 5 Hurston Hughes

Welcome to the Mighty Middle School!
I am excited and honored to have YOU join us as the best and the brightest young scholars, known as....
The Hurston-Hughes Scholars!!
You have been named in honor of our literary giants of the Harlem Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes!
It is my hope that, like Zora and Langston, you too will become literary giants and learn to love the written word as well. 

Our goal is to continue to work diligently to develop and strengthen our reading and writing skills on a daily basis.

It is essential and expected that our scholars incorporate studying, reading and writing into their daily routine during their homework time outside of the classroom environment. Our scholars MUST be reading at home each night. 

Our webpage contains resources available to scholars and families. Please visit our 5th-grade webpage weekly for updates, helpful links, weekly liberation (homework) assignments, projects, etc.

Asante Sana
Mama Nikki Estrada