Dogon and Bambara Supply List

Habari Gani? 
"What's the NEWS?

  It's Back to School Time...Let's Be Prepared

2017-2018 Supply List for 5th Grade Literacy

1- 2" or 3" ring (large rings) Binder
2 Spiral Notebooks 
1 pack of sharpened pencils 
1 Pack of pens (Standard blue and black ONLY)
2 packs of loose leaf paper (for classwork and homework)
1 Pack of dividers
3 Highlighters in a variety of colors
1 USB Flash drive
2 Post-it Note Pads
1 box of tissues
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 bottle of glue/glue stick
1 set of colored pencils (Interactive Notebook)
1 pair of scissors
1 pencil case/box
*1 photo of a personal ancestor (5x7 or Smaller)
A personal ancestor is someone in you family's bloodline that has passed away. It should be someone who was near and dear to the scholar or an intricate part of your family. We are creating an ancestor wall to teach scholars to reflect on the people who have come before them.