Mama Nikki Estrada Dogon Grade 5 Literacy

Welcome Back to School...

I would like to welcome our new and returning families to
Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School's
"Mighty Middle School"!

I am Mama Nikki Estrada, the literacy facilitator for grade 5 named after the Dogon people of Mali,West Africa.
I bring a wealth of experience, spanning over 20 years in educating young people, particularly in middle school. I have love for teaching young people to have an appreciation and respect for the written word. 

Our goal is to continue to work diligently to develop and strengthen our reading and writing skills on a daily basis.

It is essential and expected that our scholars incorporate studying,reading and writing into their daily routine during their homework time outside of the classroom environment. 

It is essential to make reading and writing purposeful. It means that our writing must be connected to real world issues that brings about social change. 

The middle years are critical in the academic lives of our scholars as we continue the arduous work of preparing them for the future.  It is expected that all of our scholars perform at their highest potential. 

Our webpage contains resources available to scholars and families. Please visit our 5th grade webpage frequently for updates, helpful links, weekly liberation (homework) assignments, projects, etc.

Asante Sana
Mama Nikki Estrada