Letter from the Dean

Hotep Families of Sankofa Freedom Academy. Welcome to the 2018- 2019 school year!


This will be my fourth year working at Sankofa and my third year as your Dean of Students for the Lower School. 


While some of our facilitators from last year are no longer with us, I am excited to share that you will see that some facilitators who have left the Lower School family have returned.


Rejoining the Lower School team as a 4th grade facilitator and as our Reading Specialist is Sis. Katina!  Also rejoining the Lower School, this year as a Kush Nation Facilitator, is Mama T.  Moving into the Yoruba nation to serve our youngest will be Mama Dana.


There are some other changes that you may notice and/or will be made aware of by Sis. Brown who is with is for her second year as our K through 8 Principal.


As would anyone serving a community of such excellent scholars, it took me some time to warm up to my position. I am confident that I served the Lower School well. But, my goal is to become better every year that I serve you. So, it is my promise that I will be welcoming, easy to communicate with and as professional as possible. Also, as always, I will be loving, understanding and fair, yet firm with our scholars. It is my top priority is to keep our scholars, our building and our culture safe and balanced. My job is to serve the scholars, the parents, the facilitators and the school administration. Unfortunately, it is difficult to please everyone at the same time. But, as your Dean, I will do my best to love and serve our scholars by adhering to the virtues of Ma’at—  Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Righteousness, Reciprocity and Harmony. 


This year, we have many activities in store. My goal is to have a fun year, full of incentives and things that our scholars can be excited about. We will have guests, monthly events, trips and parties for our scholars who demonstrate great academic work and strong leadership. We will also have our cultural festivals, The Black History Oratorical Contest, a Spelling Bee, a math tournament as well as DEAR Time (Drop Everything And Read). We will have Spirit Week-Motivation Monday, Twin Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Crazy Hat Thursday and Dress Up Friday. Also, for March, I am putting together our Sankofa Book Fair, which will celebrate books for and by people of color. So, as you can see we have so much in store for our scholars and so much more. All of this will be happening on top of our scholars receiving an excellent education.

I am excited to see all of our returning and new families as we commence another excellent year at Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School.


Bro. Mark Martínez