Kush Tubman Scrapbook Project

Kush Community Scrapbook Project-Due !!!

 Due 10.24.16

Our SBA to HEKA question “Who am I when I am free to be my best self in my community?” focuses on our community. You will have to create a scrapbook that describes some of the places in your community. Each page is worth 10 points. This is your chance to show your Kuumba (creativity)!


The book:

The book can be made out of paper, card board, an old photo album, or anything you can think of



You may use beads, yarn, leaves, marbles, cotton balls, fabric, glitter, magazines, small toy objects, stickers, or anything that reveals your creative genius to help beautify your book. You do not have to have actual pictures, you may draw the pictures.

Please be very neat and try your best! We will present them on Tuesday.

Scrapbook page example:


My Community Scrapbook

Below are the directions for your book


Cover Page: Should include your full name, nation, and grade, the title: My Community Scrapbook and a picture of you (You may draw it).


  1. My Community page

    This page should include the title My Community and at least one picture of yourself in your community. It can include objects from the community (leaves, branches, rocks, etc).


  2. "Shop 'Til You Drop" page

    This page should be about a place in your community where people can go shopping. It must be a clothing or sneaker store. Please include the heading (Shop Til You Drop), pictures of things that can be purchased in the store, and a brief description of the store: only a few sentences).


  3. “Let’s Eat!” page

    This page should be about your favorite place to eat in your community (Pizza Hut, McDonalds, a restaurant, etc.) It must include the title: Let’s Eat! , the name of the store, and pictures of food items served in the store.


  4. Straight to Business page

    This page should be about businesses in your community. It must include the title Straight to Business, at least 3 different businesses. You can include business flyers, business cards, or anything with the name of the business on it.


  5. Fun, Fun, and More Fun! page

    This page should include a description of a recreation center or park in your community. Please include the title Fun, Fun, and More Fun! , the name of the place, and pictures of the things that you can do for fun in the park.


  6. Safety First! page

This page should include pictures of a safe place in your neighborhood (fire station, police station, hospital etc). Write a brief description about the safe place.