Liberation Work

Anchors of the week
Literacy: Context Clues, Correcting Run-on sentences, Narrative writing 
Math: Rounding and Estimating through the millions 
SS: Regions and Resources 

Spelling Lesson 11
Choose 2 different option from the spelling menu each night. If your child has misplaced it refer below. 
Mon: ABC order and Pyramids
Tue: letter colors (pencil first trace in color) and hide the word in a picture
Wed: Wacky Ways (write words in different direction) and Silly sentences
Thur: Home quiz (written) and make up a rhyme to remember the incorrect ones 

Mimic              native
Bonus              vanish
Relish              rival 
motive             suburb
Silent               legal

Bonus: chemical 

Vocabulary Lesson 11:
Tentative Vocab Homework 
Monday: Make 4 Flash Card Corners (Draw it, Define it, Reword it)
Tue: Storytown Workbook practice page
Wed: Write a sentence using each word
Thursday: Study- using cards and act and guess

Lure-  to attract, tempting, even though it is dangerous or can get you into trouble
Resembles- to look similar or alike
deceptive-  a deceptive person tries to make you believe something that’s not true
avoid-to keep away from something or someone
mimic- to act or look exactly like another person or thing
obvious- it is so easily seen or understand