3B - Sis Tionya

Songhai Robeson!

Sis Tionya, Facilitator & Bro. Martiek, ISS

        Hotep family,
To access cyber content please see the link for “Cyber Liberation Work” There you will find plans for the entire week. Also, please use the “Useful Links” tab to find my youtube page where I will be uploading videos daily. If you are on class dojo you can also find me there with daily updates. 
Options have been made available for scholars who may not have access to either the internet or electronics currently. If you are one who does not have access please let me know. Meanwhile these are the options.

Option1: complete daily packet assignments receive credit when it is returned to school (until electronic or internet issue is resolved)

Option 2: complete daily packet assignments, take a picture of them and email them to grade3@sfacs.us to receive credit daily.

Option3: complete Studyisland assignments online and only complete SSS assignments on paper, email to receive credit daily.

The packet and Studyisland’s contents are the same. Therefore you have the option of completing either or. However, if you complete the packet daily then I will not receive it and give you credit for it until we return to school. If you complete assignments on studyisland I will receive it as soon as it is completed. The only assignment that is not on studyisland is the assignment based on Daisy Bates in the “sss” period. That should be hand written or typed and emailed to “grade3@sfacs.us”

These options are to better accommodate for resources that you may or may not have available. Use whichever is most convenient. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!
Feel free to contact us! 
Sis. Tionya: 
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