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Spanish 1 Syllabus Brother Fernando Polanco

Room 224 f.polanco@sfacs.us

Introduction: Welcome to Spanish 1! In this course we will explore the wonderful world of Spanish language, and and Spanish speaking nations.  Learning a second language language can be very rewarding and extremely useful. By studying other cultures we gain insight into our own and begin to understand the world around us in new ways.  Being bilingual can also increase your first language abilities and is very useful for a career in the sciences were so much vocabulary is Latin based.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The students will develop their skills and knowledge of the Spanish language through listening, reading, speaking, and writing.  Students will increase their awareness of the customs, arts, literature, history, and geography associated with Spanish speaking countries.

TEXTBOOKS: Realidades 1

Boyles, Met, Sayers, and Wargin

Prentice Hall, 2014

$70 plus 10% shipping fee

Material Needed for this Course: Notebook pocket folder loose leaf paper writing impliment


  1. Come prepared.  You education is your responsibility. Be on time, in uniform, with materials ready, and ready to work.
  2. Your belongings are your responsibility. Be sure to safegaurd your belongoings and dispose of your trash appropriately.
  3. Heshima - respect the classroom, respect each other, respect yourselves.
  4. Follow all school rules and policies.  There is only one rule - Heshima

5.  No food, No gum, and No Whining.

GRADING Classwork      20%  

Liberation work 15%  
Exams 20%
Quizzes 10%      
Projects & Presentations 20% Participation 15%


90-100 = A   

80-89 = B  

70-79 = C   

65-69 = D  

64 and below = U (Unsatisfactory)



All assignments are due at the beginning of the period.  You must write legibly or I will not accept your work. Spiral bound paper will not be accepted.  Correct heading is required as follows in the upper right hand corner of your paper or your work will not be accepted:


Class & Period


Assignment Name


For regular daily assignments you will have two days to makeup your work if your absence is excused.  I will not pursue you for makeup work, the responsibility is yours. You may also ask a trusted and responsible classmate for makeup work.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK FOR AND COMPLETE MAKEUP WORK EITHER BEFORE OR AFTER CLASS.


Late daily assignments and homework will receive half credit if turned in 1 day late. Late assignments older than 2 days will recieve no credit. Please turn your work in on time. See me if there is an issue with copleting an assignment on time due to special circumstances.


You will have numerous opportunities to accumulate participation specific points throughout the school year.  Failure to follow class procedures, arriving tardy or unprepared to class, and other unacceptable behavior will greatly hurt your class participation grade.


-You must be seated and prepared to work at the first “Agoo”

-Bring the required materials to class everyday

-Food and beverage of any kind will not be allowed in my classroom for any reason

-Chewing gum is not allowed at any time

-CD players, cell phones, I-Pods, or any other electronic device will not be brought to my classroom or I will gladly take them from you

-Profanity in any language will not be tolerated

-If you would like to say something, you must raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged by the teacher for permission to speak

-Respect your teacher and your classmates at all times

-Enjoy your wonderful opportunity to learn Spanish

-Tardies and absences of any nature will impact your ability to be successful in my Spanish classroom

-Ask intelligent and relevant questions

-Follow all Sankofa School dress code rules and regulations

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