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Spanish 1 & 2 Syllabus Brother Fernando Polanco

Room 224 f.polanco@sfacs.us

Introduction: Welcome to Spanish 1: Language and Culture! In this course we will explore the wonderful world of the Spanish language, as well as the history and culture of the Spanish speaking world.  Learning a second language can be very rewarding and extremely useful. By studying other cultures we gain a broader understanding of the rich complexity of our world. These insights can help us to understand our own culture and language by illuminating the relationship between language families and increasing our first language abilities. Additionally, being bilingual has innumerable applications across many academic fields and careers.  

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The students will develop their skills and knowledge of the Spanish language through listening, reading, speaking, and writing.  Students will be exposed to the customs, arts, literature, history, and geography of Spanish speaking world.

TEXTBOOKS: Realidades 1

Boyles, Met, Sayers, and Wargin

Prentice Hall, 2014

$70 plus 10% shipping fee

Material Needed for this Course: You will need a composition style notebook for grammar and vocabulary note taking.  You will also need loose leaf paper for turning in classwork and pencils. Although you may like to do your work in pen, pencils are preferable as you will make mistakes and need to erase.  Also, a wooden #2 pencil is superior to a mechanical pencil because it lasts longer and can be used for bubble test.     

Classroom Expectations: Be prepared to demonstrate Sankofa values. Follow all Sankofa School rules, regulations, norms and expectations.  Above all Heshima will be demonstrated at all times. Respect your peers, respect your facilitator, respect your environment. Profanity in any language will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action. 

  • You MUST be in uniform. Failure to be in uniform will result in recentering  EVERY TIME.
  • I will begin class exactly at the start time.  Class begins when I close my door. If you arrive after class has begun you may receive recentering.  
  • DO NOT ARRIVE LATE. If you do arrive late DO NOT DISTURB THE CLASS BY KNOCKING OR SHAKING THE DOOR.  I am aware that you are late and at the door. Wait patiently until I can come and address your tardiness.   Chronic lateness will result in more serious consequences such as a write-up or parent meeting.
  • You are expected to be in your assigned seat and ready for protocol and affirmation when class begins.
  • There is no eating of any food or beverage in my classroom. This includes candy or gum.  Eating in my classroom will result in automatic recentering.  The only food in my room will be cookies awarded to classes who have earned the sufficient number of cookie points.  See section on “Cookie Points"
  • Your cell phone will NEVER be visible in my classroom. If I see your cell phone, regardless of the reason, I will take it and turn it over to Dr. Ma’at or Sister Tameka.  I will not hold phones in my room. Avoid this situation by never having, or pulling out your phone in my classroom. 
  • No, you may not check the time. There is a clock in the room.
  • No, you may not take a picture of the notes on the board. Get the notes from a classmate.
  • No, you may not charge your phone. You do not pay the electric bill and since you’re not using the phone during the academic day, it should be fully charged when you arrive and should retain the charge all day long. If it is an emergency, ask to see Dr. Ma’at or Sister Tameka after completing your Do Now.
  • Every student will receive a folder to be kept in the classroom in your class’s bin.  Bins are marked on the table in the front right of the room. You will use this folder to turn in classwork and liberation work.  I will also use this folder to return graded work to you. Check your folder every period.  You will not be permitted to get them in the middle of class while I am teaching. 
  • You must ask to use my materials. Certain assignments may require the use of markers, pens, highlighters, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, etc… I will provide them at the time, but they MAY NOT LEAVE THE CLASSROOM.
  • DO NOT MOVE THE DESKS.  The desks are numbered and placed in a specific way in the classroom environment.  Moving the desks around without permission is not permitted and will result in recentering.  
  • RESPECT MY ENVIRONMENT.   Please respect all the objects in my classroom space which do not belong to you including the property of the facilitator, other students, or Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School.  
  • PARTICIPATION:You will have numerous opportunities to accumulate participation specific points throughout the school year.  Failure to follow class procedures, arriving tardy or unprepared to class, and other unacceptable behavior will greatly hurt your class participation grade.

Cookie Points: Points will be awarded for exceptional craftsmanship, illustrations of knowledge or vocabulary, random acts of kindness, Overall exceptional performance as a class, cumulative live school points, etc… When the class has attained 10 Cookie Points, I will make Chocolate Chip Cookies and, or Brownies for the class. Over the years, a set of Cookie/Brownie Rules have evolved. They are set in stone and non-negotiable.

  1. Everyone in the class gets ONE cookie or brownie.
  2. You must eat the cookie or brownie during the class period. (so we don’t make a mess in other classrooms)
  3. You may not accept a cookie or brownie and give it to someone else. If you take it, you eat it.
  4. If you are not in complete uniform on the day cookies are brought in, you cannot have a cookie or brownie.

GRADING Classwork     20%

Liberation work 15%

Exams 20%

Quizzes 10%   

Projects & Presentations 20%

Participation 15%


90-100 = A  

80-89 = B 

70-79 = C  

65-69 = D 

64 and below = U (Unsatisfactory)

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